Jillian Homes works closely with owners and developers to provide a customized building solution for commercial construction projects. We understand the pressures of the industry and the need for form and function on a budget. We are dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open, to provide flexible and responsive service to our clients. Jillian Homes will work with you on every aspect of your commercial construction project from design to finished construction, maximizing project management to budgeting and quality control.


Jillian Homes provides bottom-up estimating for your new projects, identifying every detail required to complete the project, including pre-development, management, labor, materials, and equipment. Our estimating process also identifies the time required to complete your project, allowing Jillian Homes to schedule the estimated project, without delays.


Effective pre-construction services and planning are the cornerstones of a successful construction project. The Jillian Homes approach to pre-construction is to serve both the owner and architect with reliable sources of current, complete, and accurate information. This enables the project team to make informed and well grounded decisions relating to the cost, schedule and project quality while considering not only the initial investment, but also the life cycle cost implications.


  • Pre-Design: Architectural Pre-Design is the thorough and systematic evaluation of the interrelated values, goals, facts, and needs of a client and the surrounding environment. A well conceived program leads to high-quality design. Pre-Design is when you will meet with Jillian Homes to discuss your needs and desires for your new building.
  • Schematic Design: Once the requirements of the project are determined via the programming process, the design phase begins. Jillian Homes gives shape to your vision through drawings. Providing a preliminary evaluation of the program, schedule and construction budget developed in the pre-design phase and prepares schematic design drawings illustrating the project to review with the owner.
  • Design Development: Design development is a logical extension of schematic design. In this phase Jillian Homes will translate the design of a project from the realm of ideas to physical form. Design development tasks build on the approved schematic design to reach a level of completeness that demonstrates the project can be built. The schematic design is overlaid with more detailed information obtained from client and team members. Throughout this process it is important to evaluate how systems, material selection, preliminary structure, and detailing reflect the schematic design concept.
  • Construction Drawings: Continuing the design process, Jillian Homes prepares drawings suitable for permit submittal and construction which are referred to as construction drawings. These drawings are an instrument of communicating the project to those who will be involved in the construction of your building; the construction drawings set the parameters for the building process.


Jillian Homes uses specialized project management techniques and tools to oversee the planning, design, and construction of your project. From its beginning to its end. The purpose of construction management is to control a project’s time / delivery, cost, and quality.


Before you begin building, you must take the time to extensively prepare the land for construction. Jillian Homes relies on our extensive knowledge and resources to ensure your new property remains stable and functional for decades to come. Site preparation includes identifying property lines, soil testing, clearing, excavation, land grading and utility connections.


Jillian Homes turn-key construction projects manage the entirety of the project — from conception to completion. A turnkey construction project can be a building that is being built from the ground up, or it can be a turnkey remodel of an existing building.

The fundamental aspects of the building will be decided on before your construction begins, and the Jillian Homes will incorporate these specified criteria, as well as adhere to a set price (decided on at contract-signing).


When searching for a commercial building or office space, you may not find exactly what you had in mind when you started off. A Jillian Homes office build-out entails taking a current commercial establishment and tailoring it to suit the needs of your company. From design to completion, Jillian Homes will take your vision and needs from an idea, to a fully functional space.


When it comes to enhancing the physical nature of your property, look no further than Jillian Homes. Whether it is renovating the building, installing a new driveway, parking lot, walkways, or addressing your landscape and gardening needs, Jillian Homes can accommodate your needs form design to finish.

Ready to get started with your new office build or renovation?