Jillian Homes believes that the homes we build should be energy efficient. Below are some of the green features which will be implemented in building your energy efficient home.

  • High efficiency water heaters
  • ENERGY STAR Appliances
  • ENERGY STAR Lighting Fixtures
  • Tight Envelope Construction
  • High Efficiency HVAC Systems


Water is one of New Mexico’s most precious resources. Jillian Homes building practices enables you to use less of this resource. Our homes are equipped with:

  • WaterSense low-flow/flush plumbing fixtures
  • ENERGY STAR dishwashers, clothes washers and water heaters
  • Xeric landscaping and drip irrigation


In the past few years, much has been learned about the positive health aspects of limiting off-gassing of paints and stains. A healthier environment is the result of a home where finishes give off fewer chemicals.

  • Jillian Homes utilizes paints and stains that have fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • We also offer Green Label carpeting and pads – The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) provides Green Label testing and certification for carpet, carpet backing, cushions and adhesives that emit low VOCs.


Jillian Homes incorporates durable materials and finishes which reduce future maintenance, giving our homeowners peace of mind knowing that less of their time and money will be spent on home maintenance.

  • Xeric landscaping and drip irrigation- These plants usually require little care, and since the water is targeted at the root zone, there are fewer weeds to pull.
  • Solid surface counters- Another easy care surface that is produced by some regional manufacturers.
  • UNSURPASSED “36 Month Bumper to Bumper” warranty.


Preserving resources is an important part of the Jillian Homes building philosophy. Listed below are building practices we implement to reduce our impact on the planet:

  • Advance framing techniques
  • Low water use plumbing fixtures
  • Recycling construction waste

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